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The Real Face of Terrorism in India

Who Killed Karkare? - The Effect

Petition in Supreme Court regarding bomb blasts
Writ Petition seeking further investigation or reinvestigation of all the bomb blast cases taken place since 2002 has been filed in the SC vide #19 of 2012; It is listed on the board on 12th March 2012. Text of petition Text of the order.
(Added on 8th February, 2012)
Ever since this book was released in October 2009, the press has started slowly initiating the use of the term "Hindu Terror" of "Saffron Terror" in their reports. Even the home minister acknowledged their presence. The latest effect of the book: A criminal writ petition based on the book Who Killed Karkare? for reinvestiagtion of Mumbai Terror Attack 2008 has been admitted in the Bombay High Court.
Click here to read the text of the PETITION.
Click here to read the text of the Order.
IB's diabolical role in bomb blast investigations
(Gulzar Azmi of Jamiat Ulama-i Hind (Maharashtra) submits memorandum the National Commission for Minorities)