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The Real Face of Terrorism in India

Press Coverage

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  1. Book review by Syed Inam ur Rahman Ghayur

     S M Mushrif’s “ Who Killed Karkare – The Real Face of Terrorism In India” , Pharos Media & Publishing Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, in its third Edition now, is singularly emphatic on one point; the allegedly dubious and debatably criminal role being played by India’s premier Intelligence Agency, INTELLIGENCE BUREAU.

  2. Killed by ‘Mainstream’ Media, Becoming Bestseller, By Mahtab Alam

     “Have read or heard of the book Who Killed Karkare?,” I asked an avid reader and friend of mine. “The one, written by Mrs. Kamate?,” she questioned instead of answering. “No, the book ‘Who Killed Karkare: The Real Face of Terrorism in India’ is written by former IG Police of Maharashtra, SM Mushrif—the person known for unearthing Telagi Scam”, I replied back. “But I have not read about this book in mainstream media, neither found at display of any book stall”, she complained.

  3. Book review: Murky murders - by Naeem Tahir

    Who Killed Karkare? The Real Face of Terrorism in India, by S M Mushrif, the former IG police, Maharashtra, was first published in 2009. Since then a ‘Revised edition’ in 2009 and three more editions have already been published and the fourth edition is now being sent to the bookshops. The book has attracted unprecedented attention. The author has shared his long investigative observations with his readers. His findings are a source of surprise, even shock, for many Indians and Pakistanis.

  4. The naked truth behind Mumbai episode - Book Review by Shabir Hussain

    'WHO Killed Karkare’ by former IG police SM Mushrif may not be a beautifully written account of the deep-seated malaise called Brahmanism. But it surely is a chilling reminder of the horror we all are experiencing. Apart from backing his arguments up substantially by narrating firsthand accounts and observations and a thorough research, the author makes his book a must read for a few other reasons as well.

  5. Former IPS officer wants independent probe into Karkare's death

    Despite the Mumbai [ Images ] police declaring that two Lashkar-e-Tayiba [ Images ] terrorists including Ajmal Kasab [ Images ] killed Anti-Terrorist Squad chief Hemant Karkare [

  6. Like we have Islamists, are there Brahminists too?

    S.M. Mushrif may have thrown up an important question which he believes will almost certainly be killed by the media.

    He describes Hemant Karkare as a noble Brahmin and his detractors as Brahminists. It seems that Mushrif, a former DIG of Maharashtra police, admired Karkare for his avowed secularism like most Indian Muslims would swear by Pandit Nehru.

    Nehru was a Kashmiri Brahmin who detested the obscurantist nationalism of those Brahmins who belonged to the RSS stable from Maharashtra.

  7. Ex-top cop sniffs conspiracy in Karkare death

    A book written by a former inspector general (IG) in Maharashtra is generating fresh controversy on the death of anti-terrorism squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare and other police officers on 26/11.
    Karkare was killed by Pakistani terrorists Mohammed Ajmal Amir Iman Qasab and Abu Ismail. But if S.M. Mushrif is to be believed, then there is more to the murders than meets the eye.

  8. A New Book ‘WHO KILLED KARKARE?’ blows away India’s myth of Islamic Terrorism

    Pharos Media releases a new book “Who Killed Karkare? — The real face of terrorism in India” written by a former senior police officer. For the first time, it profoundly probes into the “Islamic terrorism” in India. The book rationally says a nationwide network of Hindutva terror that has its tentacles spread up to Nepal and Israel is out to destroy the India most Indians have known for ages and to re-mould it into some kind of Afghanistan under the Taliban.