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The Real Face of Terrorism in India

IB's diabolical role in bomb blast investigations

Gulzar Azmi of Jamiat Ulama-i Hind (Maharashtra) submits memorandum the National Commission for Minorities


27 March 2011

  Mr. Wajahat Habibullah,

     The Chairman,

     National Commission for Minorities,

     New Delhi.



            I would like to bring to your kind notice, how the I.B., the country’s premier intelligence agency, is solely responsible, for willfully changing the complexion of the investigations of the bomb-blasts taken place across the country during the last 4-5 years and for getting innocent Muslim boys arrested, only to save the real conspirators of Sangh Pariwar.


I.B.’s willful plot to demonise Muslims and save

Sangh Pariwar in bomb blast cases :

A) The recent revelation in four blast cases :

            The recent revelation in the investigation of four bomb blast cases of 2006-2007 viz. 1) Mecca Masjid (Hyderabad) blast, 2) Ajmer Sharif blast, 3) Samjhauta Express blast and 4) Malegaon blast of 2006, have once again brought to the fore the dubious role of the I.B. in misguiding the Govt., the public and the state police into believing that these blasts had been the handi work of some known-unknown Muslim terror outfits and sin falsely implicating large number of innocent Muslim boys in the cases.

            As a matter of fact, initially, these four cases were being investigated by four different investigating agencies of the states concerned i.e. the police of Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Maharashtra. Then a curious question naturally crops up: how all of them arrested wrong persons and spared real perpetrators? As a matter of fact they (the state police) had been doing their job professionally and honestly and had been following the clues found in the investigation systematically. But it appears, that in all these cases, the I.B. suddenly stepped in, misguided the investigation agencies by intentionally feeding them wrong information and almost forced them to fabricate evidence and arrest innocent Muslim boys.

            The following details will bear out this point.


1) Mecca Masjid and

2) Ajmer Sharif blast :

            In the earlier investigation of the state police (i.e. Andhra Pradesh & Rajasthan) it had been disclosed that one of the SIM cards used in the Mecca Masjid blast had been purchased in Asansol (West Bengal) on the basis of forged driving licence and one of the two cards used in Ajmer Sharif blast had been obtained from Gauhati (Assam), also on the basis of a forged driving licence. (The Times of India, Pune, 21 May 2007 and the Times of India, Pune, 15 Oct. 2007) The investigation agencies of both the states has been following these clues systematically; but it appears that the I.B. suddenly intervened and made the local police to change their correct line of investigation. It intentionally gave them wrong inputs and almost forced them to fabricate evidence to suit its theory and arrest innocent Muslim boys. (The Times of India, Pune dated 12 October 2007, 13 October 2007 & 14 October 2007, Daily ‘Sakal’, Pune dated 12 Oct. 2007 and 13 Oct. 2007).

            The above hypothesis was more than vindicated when these two cases were reinvestigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in 2010. In the NIA’s investigation it has been disclosed that the four SIM cards used in these two blasts [which includes the two cards already traced by the local police to Asansol (W. Bengal) and Gauhati (Assam) in 2007] were from among the lot of eleven such SIM cards obtained in Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and W. Bengal, at about the same time. In order to ascertain whether the remaining cards were in use, the NIA kept them under observation and found that they were being used by some boys in Madhya Pradesh, who when grilled, told the sleuths that one Sandeep Dange had given the SIM cards to them. Further investigation revealed that the eleven SIM cards had been obtained by three persons viz. 1) Sunil Joshi (RSS Pracharak of Mahu), 2) Devendra Gupta (RSS Pracharak of Jamtada) and 3) Sandeep Dange (RSS Pracharak of Shajapur) in fake names by using forged documents. The names of other conspirators including Swami Aseemanand were later revealed and the cases were completely cracked.



3) Malegaon blast case 2006 :

            Initially, the local police had been investigating the case professionally and had come to certain conclusions, as evident from following reports :

1)      The D.G.P. Maharashtra told reporters that Bajrang Dal was suspected in the case as the pattern followed in the blasts in the mosques at Parbhani, Purna and Jalna by Bajrang Dal was similar to this blast. (The Times of India, Mumbai, 9 Sept. 2006)

2)      The police claimed to have found clear direction to proceed in the case (Afternoon Mumbai, 11 Sept. 2006)

3)      The I.G.P. Nasik range declared that the police have found two or three concrete clues and the police were working on them. (Asian Age, Mumbai, 10, Sept. 2006)

4)      The telephone calls received and made from the landlines as well as mobile phones, before and after the blasts, were being probed. (Marathi daily Pudhari, Pune, 10 Sept. 2006)

5)      Five days after the blasts, the police had detained 20 persons from a prominently Hindu locality of the town (The Indian Express, Mumbai, 13 Sept. 2006)


Thus, while the local police had been doing the investigation professionally and had stumbled upon some concrete clues, the I.B. abruptly stepped in the garb of the ATS and its puppet K.P. Raghuvanshi the then ATS Chief, took over the investigation. He declared that there were number of similarities between Malegaon blast and Mumbai train blasts and proceeded on that presumption (The Statesman, Mumbai, 14 Sept. 2006) This presumption was wrong, as the investigation of Mumbai train blasts was highly doubtful and was done by Raghuvanshi himself.

On 30 October 2006, the ATS held a press conference, in which it declared that the case has been cracked & SIMI was found to be behind the conspiracy and that one Nooral Hooda has been arrested. According to the ATS, Hooda was working in the battery shop of one Shabbir Ahmed Ansari, who allegedly was the brain behind the conspiracy. (Maharashtra Times, Mumbai, 31 Oct. 2006 and The Times of India, Pune, 4 Nov. 2006). Surprisingly, Shabbir had been in the custody of Mumbai police when the Malegaon blasts took place.

However, following the public out-cry the state Govt. decided to transfer the investigation to the CBI. But hours before the case was handed over to the CBI, the charge sheet was submitted in the court by the ATS (The Indian Express, Mumbai, 21 December, 2006)

Later, while investigating the Malegaon blast case 2008, the ATS under Hemant Karkare came to a logical conclusion that “some of 54, youths who participated in the training camp in Nagpur in 2001 were involved in two Malegaon blasts and Nanded blasts.” (Marathi daily Sakal, Pune, 10 Nov. 2008) However, after the death of Hemant Karkare in the Mumbai terror-attack of 26/11, this theory was deliberately not pursued.

Even when Swami Aseemanand confessed to this offence (Malegaon blast 2006) in his confessional statements before the judicial magistrate in the Mecca Masjid blast case on 18th Dec. 2010 and also in the Ajmer Sharif blast case on 15th Jan. 2011 and categorically stated that the Muslim boys arrested in Malegaon blast 2006 case were innocent, those boys who have been languishing in jail for years have not yet been released on bail. Apparently, the I.B. officers have been pressuring the Govt. and also misguiding the courts by submitting false reports in sealed covers or by falsely briefing the judges in the chambers, as they apprehend that if these boys were released, it would set off a chain reaction of demands for reinvestigation of all the blast cases and for release of innocent boys & consequently the I.B.’s whole game-plan will be exposed.


4) Samjhauta Express blast :

            The case of Samjhauta Express blast is not very different. Going by the reports published in the reputed national dailies in the month of March 2006, it appears that the special investigation team of Haryana which had visited Indore (M.P.) in March 2007, on a tip-off, had made a positive break through in the investigation. They had identified the shop from where the suit-cases containing the bombs had been purchased, the shop from where the components of bombs and other material had been purchased and also the tailors who had stitched the covers for the suite cases. The interrogation of the employees in the suit-case shop had given the Haryana police very valuable information and they were on the verge of cracking the case. But suddenly the reports about the investigation of this case stopped appearing in the press. Seven months later the Indian Express, Pune, in its issue dated 15 October 2007, reported that in March 2007 the Haryana police were on the urge of solving the case, but they had to beat a retreat as they did not get cooperation from the M.P. police. (Incidentally, BJP was in power in M.P. then)

            Later, it was disclosed that the Govt. of India had already made serious charge of involvement of a Pakistan-backed terror outfit and ISI in the blast case at the instance of the I.B. without having an iota of evidence to buttress the claim. Apparently it was because of this reason that the I.B. had been pulling the legs of the Haryana police, lest its earlier baseless theory would be exposed.

            However, during the course of investigation of Malegaon blast case of 2008 when ATS chief Hemant Karkare, put Lt. Col. Prasad Purohit through the narco-analysis test, the latter admitted to having supplied RDX for Samjhauta blast also. Therefore, while requesting for the extension of Purohit’s police custody remand the Govt. pleader representing the ATS, brought this fact to the notice of the court. (Marathi daily Sakal Pune, 13, 14 and 16 Nov. 2008, The Indian Express, Pune 14 Nov. 2008, The Sunday Times of India Pune 16 Nov. 2006, Marathi daily Pudhari, Pune 15 Nov. 2008)

            However, under the Govt’s and I.B.’s pressure the ATS had to back-track and declare that the Govt. pleader did not make such a statement in the court and that he had been misquoted in the media. (The Times of India, Pune 18 Nov. 2008). In this connection the Times of India further reported “Soon after Misar (Govt. pleader) made the sensational charge in Nasik, the Intelligence Bureau (IB), which is keeping a close tab on the probe, alerted the Centre about the implication of Misar’s statement. When the train-blast took place, the Centre had blamed Pakistan’s ISI for the terror strike on the basis of the Bureau’s findings”

            Thus, though, both the Haryana police and the ATS Maharashtra, headed by Hemant Karkare had established that the terrorists of the right wing radical group Abhinav Bharat were involved in the Samjhauta Express blast, the I.B., using its clout with the Govt. and the higher echelons of the police was not allowing the investigation to proceed and be taken to its logical end.

            The confessional statement of Swami Aseemanand has proved beyond reasonable doubt the involvement of ‘Abhinav Bharat’ and Sangh Pariwar in the Samjahuta Express blast. But till today the NIA has not made any positive head way in this case and has been dragging its feet.


The new revelations uncovered the fraudulence of earlier investigation

            The most significant fact that the new revelations in these four cases has brought to the fore is that the earlier investigation in all these cases were frauds and all the pieces of evidence produced in the courts against the innocent Muslim boys such as i) confessional statements of the accused, ii) statements of witnesses u/s 165 Cr.P.C., iii) statements of the accused-turned-approver, iv) recovery of RDX or arms or ammunition, v) recovery of Jihadi literature, vi) recovery of lap-tops containing incriminating material, vii) call-records of mobiles, viii) the records of journey to foreign countries for terror-training, ix) the records connecting the accused with known or unknown terror outfits etc. were false and concocted.

            Considering the striking similarity between these four cases and other blast cases taken place since 2005 in regard to pattern of investigation and the type of evidence collected by the investigation agencies it can safely be inferred that the persons arrested in those cases also were innocent and have been falsely implicated in the cases to save the real culprits.


From day one, the Muslim blame-game started :

            But to understand the deep rooted game plan of the I.B., we need to read the above mentioned bizarre revelation in conjunction with the reports published in almost all the print and electronic media, immediately after the blasts. These reports, without exception, had suspected, rather confirmed the role of some Muslim terror outfits, quoting the I.B. or Govt. sources. This was nothing but a ground-preparation on the part of the I.B. to justify the arrest of innocent Muslim boys in blast cases later.

            What is most disturbing in the whole episode is the fact that the country’s premier intelligence agency has been responsible for deliberately misguiding the state police and for getting the innocent Muslim boys arrested and for willfully protecting the anti-national right wing forces like “Abhinav Bharat” and Sangh Pariwar engaged in the nation wide terror plot aimed at knocking down the constitution, over throwing the present Govt. and establishing the Aryavart Hindu Rashtra.

            The sympathizers of the anti national forces ensconced in the I.B. have the apprehension that if the real picture emerges, their secret understanding with the right wing anti-national forces will be exposed, and their credibility will hit rock-bottom, apart from suffering the criminal action. It is because of this that they have been pressuring the investigating agencies & misguiding the courts not to release the wrongly arrested innocent Muslim boys on bail and have been putting spokes in the speedy investigation of the cases.

I earnestly request you to use your good offices for getting the innocent boys released on bail & expediting the investigation of these cases.



B) I.B.’s dubious role in other blast cases also :

            However, the ends of justice would not be met merely by taking only the above mentioned four cases to their logical ends. All the blast cases, taken place since 2005, need to be reinvestigated as in all these cases the I.B. is suspected to have played a diabolical game by poking a spoke in the correct investigation, by intentionally giving a wrong inputs to the state police along with a package of manipulated evidence and by getting innocent people arrested in order to shield the real right wing terrorists.

            How the I.B. suddenly stepped in the investigation and made the local police change their correct line of investigation will be evident from the following examples :



[I] I.B.’s uncalled for interference in the investigation with ulterior motive :

     1) Mumbai train blast : 2006 :

i)          On the very first day, I.B. confirmed that the cadres of SIMI were responsible for the blasts. (Afternoon, Mumbai, 12 July 2006)

ii)         I.B. took over the charge of investigation. I.B. maintained utmost secrecy. Except ATS Chief K.P. Raghuvanshi, nobody knew about the investigation. (Marathi daily Sakal, Pune 22 July 2006)


     2) Ahmedabad & Surat Case 2008 :

i)          Intelligence officials are veering round the view that local SIMI activists have engineered the serial blasts and that “Indian Mujahideen” was a front for outfits like LeT, JeM or HUJI and that operation was funded from outside India. (The Telegraph, Mumbai, 28 July 2008)

ii)         All anti-terrorist operations conducted in Gujrat in the aftermath of communal violence were wholly based on the tips from central Intelligence agencies. (T.O.I. Mumbai, 27th July 2008)


     3) Serial blasts in U.P. Courts, 2007 :

i)          Investigators continued to wait for lead either from the central intelligence agency or the state STF (The T.O.I., Pune 26 Nov. 2007)

ii)         On a tip-off from the central intelligence, the STF of U.P. police on Saturday morning i.e. on 22 December 2007 arrested two suspected terrorists near Barabanki railway station for their involvement in the blast. (The T.O.I. Pune, 23 December 2007)



     4) Jaipur blasts 2008 :

            The officials connected with the investigation made it clear that the investigation would proceed only when they got inputs from central agencies as the network of terrorists was national and international. (The Milli Gazette, 1-15 June 2008)


[II] Vital leads left unpursued :

            In most of the cases vital clues found at the scene of blasts or important leads disclosed in the investigation were not allowed to be followed meticulously to shield the real perpetrators. e.g.


     1) Mumbai train blast case :

i)          The most important information furnished by a woman lecturer of Ahmednagar to the then Union Home Minister in respect of a person who she knew was involved in the blast case, was not thoroughly worked out. (The T.O.I. Pune, 18 August, 2006)

            ii)         The origin of the e-mails sent before the blasts was not traced.


     2) Ahmedabad and Surat blast case, 2008 :

i)          The mysterious shutting off of CCTV cameras at Talasari toll Naka (Dist. Thana) at the time of passing of the stolen cars used in the blasts was not thoroughly probed. (The T.O.I. Pune and Pune Mirror, 1 August 2008)

ii)         Important clues such as the connection between the detonators used in Ahmedabad blasts and A.P. explosive company, the connection between the detonators of Surat and Rajasthan based RECL, the LPG cylinders’ link with the gas distributors of Kalupur area of Ahmedabad, the Hero Honda motorcycle suspected to be involved in the blasts found in a garage of Mahad (Dist. Ratnagiri) were not thoroughly inquired into. (The Indian Express, Mumbai, 31 July & 4 August 2008; The T.O.I., Pune, 2 August 2008; Marathi daily Loksatta (online) 10 October 2008)

iii)         The mysterious disappearance of the U.S. national Ken Haywood to whom the e-mail received minutes before the blast had been traced.

iv)        No thorough inquiry was made about one Deepak Pandey who was arrested by Mumbai police for allegedly sending an e-mail to a news-channel making threat of more blasts. (Asian Age, Mumbai, 1 August, 2008)


     3) Delhi bomb-blasts 2008 :

            Five SIM cards found at the place of Batla House encounter were traced to Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. But no thorough enquiry was made in respect of those cards and about the calls made using those cards. (Marathi daily Lokmat, Nagpur, 8 December 2008)


     4) Jaipur blast, 2008 :

i)          No thorough inquiry was made in respect of two suspected persons Vijay and Meena. Vijay was a rikshaw puller who publicly admitted that he had kept a bicycle at one of the blast sites at the instance of one Meena, who had offered him Rs. One lakh for this work. (The Milli Gazette, 1-15 June 2008).

ii)         The origin of e-mails received by various news-channels immediately after the blasts purported to have been sent by “Indian Mujahideen” were traced to a cyber café in Gaziabad (U.P.), owned by one Madhukar Mishra. But no thorough enquiry was made about the person and his connections. (The T.O.I., Pune, 15 and 16 May 2008)



[III] Arresting innocent Muslim boys by fabricating evidence :

            In these cases also, Muslim boys have been arrested by the state investigation agencies on the basis of the information given by the I.B. If the recent findings in the four blast cases, discussed above, are any guide, it can safely be presumed that the I.B. had given wrong in-puts.  And giving such wrong in-puts, was not an unintentional error of judgement on the part of the I.B., it was definitely a preconceived and well designed malafide act.





C) The dubious role of the I.B. in the Mumbai terror attack of 26/11 :

            You may be aware that a retired I.G. of Police Mr. S.M. Mushrif, in his book “Who Killed Karkare – the Real Face of Terrorism in India”, has accused the I.B. of intentionally not passing on an absolutely specific information about the LeT’s attack on some Mumbai hotels to the Mumbai police or to the Western Naval Command; of not keeping the suspected mobile phones, the numbers of which had been furnished to it by the RAW; and of engineering a parallel attack in CST, Cama Hospital, Rangabhavan Lane section by sharing this sensitive information with the right wing radical anti-national forces that were bent upon eliminating Hemant Karkare for his exposing their anti-national plot and thus of eliminating Hemant Karkare.

            A public interest petition has been filed in the High Court, Mumbai on this issue, in August 2010. The High Court has issued notices to the parties concerned to file affidavits mainly on the above mentioned point. But, so far, neither the Govt. of India, nor the state Govt. nor the police has submitted a satisfactory reply in the court.