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The Real Face of Terrorism in India

Book review by Syed Inam ur Rahman Ghayur

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 S M Mushrif’s “ Who Killed Karkare – The Real Face of Terrorism In India” , Pharos Media & Publishing Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, in its third Edition now, is singularly emphatic on one point; the allegedly dubious and debatably criminal role being played by India’s premier Intelligence Agency, INTELLIGENCE BUREAU.

For a common man also, it is quite evident that by doing so, Mushrif, a voluntarily retired I G Police of Maharashtra Cadre, is exposing himself to the risk of harassment, if not ELIMINATION itself! What lends credence to his presumption (which borders on conviction), are the, of late appearing in the media, reports on denial of Visa to staff members of the IB, Army, BSF and Police by countries like Canada on grounds that they have committed crimes against humanity – violated Human Rights.
Mushrif’s other assertion in the book that it is the IB which really calls the shots where it matters, also appears to be true in the light of the fact that Visa denied to a retired senior IB officer by name S S Siddhu for belonging to the “inadmissible“ category of persons was given a visa when the Government of India protested. Why this happened just for the IB man and not for other persons such as three Brigadiers and two Lt Generals, is what needs to be more than just pondered upon by the civil society at large if one is to draw any lessons from Mushrif’s book. (The Canadian Government has since apologized for the Visa Denial instances, but no talk yet on issuance of Visas.)
About the death of Karkare, the author seems to be convinced that it was a murder by vested interests, which harbor the grandiose plan to establish a HINDU RASHTRA. Such “vested interests” have been unhesitatingly and consistently refered to as BRAHMANISTS in the Book.
Hemant Karkare, as head of the ATS probing into the Malegaon blasts, had to be done away with for already having arrested big fishes like Lt. Colonel Prohit, Mahant Dayanand Pandey, Sadhvi Pragyasingh, Col. (Retd)  S Raikar etc. He was also on the verge of arresting (possibly) Praveen Togadia. It had become the question of the very survival of Brahmanist organizations like RSS,VHP, Bajrang Dal etc. which were all lined up to be connected with blasts of Samjhouta Express, Hyderabad, Ajmer Shareef, Jaipur etc.
The Brahmanists, with considerable clout even beyond national borders decided to eliminate Karkare. The perfect opportunity came when the attack on Mumbai took place on 26/11. The author has refrained from hazarding a guess as to who did; whether it was just LeT, or Taliban, or Dawood Ibrahim, or CIA supported Pakistani elements or even the Israeli Intelligence MOSSAD or the Zionist- WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protection force). But the author is very clear that RSS backed Intelligence Bureau facilitated the attack by not informing the Mumbai Police or the Western Naval command about the impending attack about which they had specific information since 19/11 from the US and RAW.
Lots of circumstantial evidence from media reports is cited to cast a thick shadow of doubt on the IB for the death of Karkare. Presence of K P Raghuvanshi, the much - hated - by - Muslims earlier chief of ATS, in the vicinity of Karkare before he was shot dead, is a case in point. Raghuvanshi was again made the Chief of ATS in indecent haste within hours of Karkare’s death! There are dozens of other highly suspicious occurrences which add to the thickness of the shadow of doubt. Non functional CC TV Cameras at only the side of the CST Station where the attack took place or at the Chowpatty Traffic signal where from Ajmal Kasab was apprehended, are two more such instances.
The author has taken care to clarify that all Brahmins are not Brahmanists, as like his many respected Brahmin colleagues.  Nor does he say; only Brahmins are sold onto the idea of establishment of a Hindu Rashtra. Only a miniscule minority of the BRAHMANISTS comprising of various co-opted elements which are wedded to the cause are working on the track for the establishment of the Hindu Rashtra. It will invariably bring about the secretly desired Brahmin domination with no fetters is what the author avers.
V N Gadgil’s remark to a reporter, when apprehensively questioned about the loss of Brahmin power in the back drop of formation of the Shiv Sena government, is quoted very tellingly in the book. Gadgil had smilingly replied; “We solved that problem 300 years ago when the Peshwa (a Brahmin), apportioned to himself all power and relegated the successors of Shivaji Maharaj to the background.
Hardly relying upon any source material either based on personal interviews, access to reports etc. the author has exhaustively cited excerpts from the mainstream print and electronic media of the English and Marathi variety. He rarely quotes from Urdu or Muslim sources with the occasional exception of the Milli Gazette.
The author blames the IB for always intervening in situations to derail the investigation process. The blast causing the death of two persons making bombs in the house of members of the Hindutva brigade in Nanded is a case in point. I wish, given his exhaustive research, the author had not failed to mention; taken -off- air –in- short- time, report of Yogesh Pawar of NDTV in the Nanded case. It was an instance worthy of inclusion in my humble opinion. And so was the roughing up of the reporter, Tarul Waria by the police in the first Malegaon case if my memory serves me right.
From the fund of material provide by Mushrif, it can very safely be concluded that practically all of the blasts that took place in the country were carried out with the malicious intent of maligning  the Muslims, keeping the country on tenterhooks and making stronger the stranglehold of BRAHMANISTS on levers of power.
The fact that the IB appears to be a law onto itself is borne out by comment of the, at one time, Muslim Home Secretary to the author that; though he is the Boss of the IB, it does not report to him! This does not bode well for a multi religious, multi cultural polity like ours. More frighteningly, what does not bode well for the country is; assurances given by the Israeli authorities and the then Nepal King Gyanendra to help in the nefarious plan for establishing a HINDU RASHTRA. Mushrif quotes from reports of the Narco Analysis tests conducted on Col. Prohit. In spite of such and many more damning events coming to light and practically having got swept under the carpet, absence of intervention from the country’s high authorities, such as the PM and HM, to who only the IB reports, further goes to prove that even they are helpless when it comes to IB and the HINDUTVA BRIGADE.
The author exhorts the country men, the powers that be, and rightly so, that it is high time we understood the damage being caused to the fabric of the nation and took remedial measures.
The book is a must read for all fair minded people. All the more because; ‘it is dedicated to the father of the Nation who when asked ‘What is God’? Replied, “Truth is God”.
The reviewer lives in Hyderabad and can be reached at

 (May 2010)

hindu terrprism

Now Hindu terrorism established in India although they are trying to deny the facts but innocent blood of India people shattered on roads announcing clearly that Muslim are targeted and further captured also. The recent visits of RSS and BJP leaders to Israel also show unholy alliance of fundamentalists