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The Real Face of Terrorism in India

26/11 probe raises more questions than it answers

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Former police chief says Hindu terrorists out to destroy India’s identity as a secular state.
By Iftikhar Gilani
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I know you wont publish my comments, cause you are Cowards

People who live in denial are cowards, they are scared to face teh truth...:)..
so please dont tell me that you are really cowards by sensoring my article..
That would convince me that you guys are really at fault and the culprits..

have fun convincing the world that you are not terrorists and that Hindus are causing all the terrorism in the world :).. ha ha..jokers..fools

Denying the truth will destroy you and the image of Islam

Hi ,

I am still aghast reading your columns here that the Muslims(Indian in particular who were all converted from Hinduism to Islam by force between 1300 - 1800 AD) have still not realized that their religious system has been tampered with by Mullahs with vested interests and that you are no longer teaching fellow Muslims the true meaning of Islam but indoctrinating young and impressionable minds into violence and ignorance.
Today everyone on this planet knows how in the name of Islam you are promoting violence. I am surprised that a religion can also preach war and hate ..ha ha..jokers
You guys are a curse to human civilization and may God annihilate you who are defiling the true Islam..please learn to be a true Muslims and understand your texts will realize that Ram , Rahim, Allah or Jesus are all the same names...God almighty is One, but people have different names for them..

you fools wake up and clean your system, before its too late..already the whole world is after you, if you guys continue to engage in terrorism and denial then the world would have no choice but to clean it by themselves..

your well wisher
Your Hindu Brother (you were all Hindus before Aurangzeb slaughtered your family men to convert by force....ha ha.. you were all kaafirs once upon a time..:) ha ha... think about it man )..

Denying the truth will destroy you and the image of Islam

Dear Brother,

I totally agree with you that the Indian Muslims have forgotten there true religious system i.e. Deen (Islaam) and I also agree that most of our present time scholars (Mullas) are not guiding us to the right path and are not introducing us to the true Islam.

Islam NEVER preach hatred... Islam says that if your neighbor (No matter he is a believer or non-believer i.e. Kaafir) is not happy with your behavior and does not feel safe living near by you... You are not a Muslim. Islam teaches us to spread peace along the whole world and to treat all people as the creations of the Lord Almighty. Even killing an innocent person (No matter he is a believer or non believer) is like killing the whole humanity.... Its one of the biggest sins in Islam. If you are a true follower of Islam, you are not allowed to hate anyone and its prohibited for you to kill an innocent person.

As far as War is concerned, here I disagree with your comments. If you are surprised how a religion can authorize the War, then I would like you to explain me the reasons for the war of Mahabharata, the reasons for the series of Crusades, the reasons for the Khalsa Warriors.

If you would analyze you will come to know that all the wars which I mentioned above were fought to protect the religion, the belief, the truth.

Similarly, Islam does allow Jihad (means Struggle) when Deen (the Islamic system) is in danger or being attacked or we are being forced not to practice true Islam. In today's time the corruption and the materialism is so prevalent, that I doubt even 1 out of 100 muslims understands the complete Quran and practices the true Islam. Its the time to do Jihad with our own selves (to refrain ourselves from all bad deeds which are prohibited by Allah, the almighty).

We do believe that the Lord Almighty is only one (La Ilaaha Illallaah) and that's what the Rigveda says (Ekam Brahamam Doojya Naasti)...

Islam has no fault and the true Muslims are the gifts to the human civilization. There are people with Muslim names who are in power and are not following the Islam at all... These are bad and corrupt people, Quran call them Munaafiq (Muslims who do not follow the complete Islam) and they will have severe punishment in the hellfire.

Every community has such corrupt people but we never blame the community however the world media has played a major conspiracy against Islam. Instead of highlighting these corrupt people and condemning them, the Media (and the people behind the screen) called it Islamic Terrorism and made a huge impact on the minds of the people living across the globe that Muslims are Terrorists.

Hope Allah the glorious and the Almighty give all of us the Admonition and give us the strength to follow the right path and to establish the Deen across the globe.

A Muslim Brother

Oh please .....

This is a big problem with you guys! On the one hand, you say Islam is the religion of peace etc etc etc but on the other hand, you condemn the people and media who is trying to put some sense in you. If you think, only a handful of your people are "munaafiqs" then, why don't the rest 99.999999999999% of you get together and crush all those who practice the "political" islam? Just saying "you condemn those terrorists" will not be enough anymore as the entire world is loosing the patience with you and your religion. You can't full the people anymore by your lip service, it's time to SHOW the world that you are really humans and want to coexist with them!